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Of all the patterns I have created my Campervan doorstop is by far the most popular. I receive at least one request a week for the pattern from all over the world. I was talking about this situation with Claire, the editor of Inside Crochet Magazine and discovered that their office also has a steady stream of requests. So now in a more digital age, we decided I could work on a revised version of the pattern and it will now be available online as a back issue. Great.


Going back to the pattern I wanted to represent the iconic ‘V’ from the front of the VW van. Co-incidently  The Simple Things magazine were running an article on the popularity of VW’s and so I was able to pick my favourite colourway.


This pattern also included a couple of jazzy crochet flowers which can provide that 60′s flower-power vibe if you so choose. Over the years a number of lovely readers have sent me a copy of their finished doorstop. That always warms the cockles of my heart. What is wonderful is that people change and alter the pattern.


I have chosen felt to create the windows, as I find the addition of a crochet window too bulky. However you must go your own way and make the pattern to your own liking. Similarly I have always loved using buttons for wheels, but it would be simple enough to crochet four rounds in double crochet stitch (single crochet US) and sew them to the sides. The choice is utterly yours.


I can’t quite contain my excitement that this pattern has been chosen as the front cover star for Inside Crochet’s 50th issue – how cool is that! I was in a newsagent this morning and spotted it on the rack – my heart raced, and then i looked rather suspicious taking a photo!

Currently Inside Crochet have a competition on their website to win the yarn to make this pattern. The competition closes on 28th Feb 2014.


Thank you to all of you who continue to love this pattern. Thank you also to all of my friends at Inside Crochet who are just so much fun to work with.You might be amused to know that this issue also has an interview with me. No startling revelations held within but certainly a few surprises.

Happy 50th Issue Inside Crochet!


One of those dreadful cheeky mistakes have crept in. Argh!!!!

Well I am terribly sorry. If you have the 50th issue of Inside Crochet it should read:

Row 93: change to yarn A, 1 ch dc across, turn, (do not fasten off).

Rep last row 19 further times to complete the 20 rows of Yarn A that you have in the sides before you fasten off





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1 Shelley February 3, 2014

Love this pattern! I already got two orders for this great campervan. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Shelley


2 Emma Varnam February 6, 2014

Thank you Shelley – that is so kind. Emma


3 jude February 4, 2014

Emma – I just love this pattern. And if I did ever find the inclination to crochet this would be top of my list. It makes me smile!!!

Hope 2014 is treating you crochelly well.



4 Emma Varnam February 6, 2014

Thank you Jude for kind comment. I love to hear from you. Emma


5 Diane February 11, 2014

So excited when I saw this. I had intended to make the camper van from Keyrings and Charms book for youngest daughter. I mentioned it to her and showed her the pink I was going to use – “Actually mum I like sort of teal, turquoise better than pink”. So next project – of course the doorstop.
I’d like to check with you the pattern on page109 of you book – the hair front for Kimono doll – I assume that the repetition of Row 6 then Rows 7-8 is a typo.
I am using up some soft embroidery thread for the items in the book and they are working out really well. Will send some photos when I get a chance – too busy crocheting!


6 Emma Varnam February 11, 2014

Dear Diane,
thank you so much for the lovely comment – and yes you are right about the hair for the Kimono doll – so sorry. Hope you enjoy the Campervan.


7 Diane February 13, 2014

No I was wrong about the hair! My apologies it is the two side of the front hair.
Where do I find the competition to win the camper van threads? Must admit I haven’t thoroughly scoured the magazine yet. Delighted when it was on the shelf in Tesco thought it might be too specialist for a supermarket.


8 Diane February 13, 2014

Ignore the last bit just realised it’s on the website – senior moment again.


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