A Christmas Pud Choccy Cosy

02/12/2014 · 2 comments

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choccyorangeVarnam1There is a Christmas tradition in Britain to receive and eat a lovely Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I can’t remember a year when one of these babies did not appear in my Christmas Stocking. The size of the wrapped box is quite distinctive. The ‘tap-and-unwrap’ method of opening this chocolate delicacy is almost a national tradition. Like their more healthy cousin, the satsuma, the chocolate orange is quite a cheap round. Passing it round on a festive afternoon you will appear quite generous and yet…..nobody but nobody should steal the centre of the orange, that is yours and yours alone.

This will mean very little to you if your have never seen or tasted  this confectionery icon. Like the humble digestive biscuit, Heinz Baked Beans, Tunnocks Teacakes and a cup of tea, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a British institution. (It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine!) We might not do patisserie or cordon bleu cooking (actually nowadays we do), but we British know how to make a reasonably priced sweet snack.


After that reverie, you can imagine how tickled I was to see lots of inspirational photos of Christmas pudding Chocolate Orange cosy on the web. They just made me laugh! There are lots of patterns online, but I just made mine up and enjoyed bashing through the stash. I found these cute berry buttons locally for 10p and they perfectly finish off the holly. I have almost finished my Christmas makes for this year, but this pattern has given my festive activity new life. Once the velvety chocolate delight is all gone, there is really no use for the cosy. However like all the best luxuries they serve little purpose, but bring a smile to your face.


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