A little bit dapper – scarves for chaps

30/10/2017 · 9 comments

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In all the making of toys, shawls and homeware, it is very easy to forget my chap. Big B, might of course be quite relieved. But sometimes I do feel a bit guilty that he is not top of the making list. This autumn I decided to rectify the situation. It is not often that he needs extra layers to keep him warm. He does seem to have his own internal heating system. But very early in the morning on a station platform and cosy scarf is most welcome.


A scarf is quite an undertaking of time, and because I am quicker with the hook than with the needle I chose to crochet the scarf with a linen stitch pattern. I used a 4mm hook and alternate 2 rows of Stylecraft Life Vintage Look Dk in Volcano with Life Dk in Silver Grey. By alternating the colours you can tone down the self-striping pattern and create more muted tones. I used just one ball each and when I had completed the length finished the scarf with a crab stitch edging.


Not too bulky

What do you think? Ideally I wanted to create a beautifully soft and textured look without seeming too homemade. Smart enough to wear to work beneath a woolen overcoat. Big B doesn’t like something too bulky around his neck and the scarf needs to pack away neatly in his work bag.


I will be honest, this will not be your most scintillating make. But it will be very welcome on a frosty morning or trudging home in the dark at the end of the working day. A little reminder that there is someone at home who loved him enough to make a dapper scarf.


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