A New Year Challenge to myself – shop the wardrobe

30/12/2017 · 3 comments

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breton-tops-emma-varnam I stood in front of the wardrobe. Frustrated and non-plussed. It needed more space. For starters there were too many unused hangers clogging up the rails. Perhaps I should have another sort through? Well actually I have just done that about a month ago and put my summer clothes in a box on top of the wardrobe. What shall I get rid of? If I am honest; nothing. There are lots of good serviceable clothes in there, lots of things I only wear once a year…the sequin jacket for instance. The problem is that I have way too much of the same thing. After years of fluctuating, worrying, making huge fashion mistakes, I think I know what my style is. Probably ill advised, but my style. I do love fashion. I enjoy reading about it, watching it, appreciating it. Even as a young teenager I scoured the fashion magazines. From the period of about thirteen to twenty years old I had quite a flamboyant individual style. I made my own clothes, I wore bright colours in interesting shapes. But then in my early twenties, I lost courage. I felt awkward about my body, I didn’t like or enjoy having curves and became boring and conservative as a result. I wish in some ways I had a the studied discipline of my friend at college; Penny. Now a revered magazine editor she had the wisdom to buy few item of clothing but each was classic, an investment. Instead I have the flighty habits of a magpie, seeing something inexpensive and trendy and wearing it immediately. As the years have rolled on I make fewer fashion mistakes. I have some well chosen classic pieces. I still wear a jacket I bought twenty years ago; glorious. But there, stood in front of my wardrobe in mid-December I made a decision. In 2018 I would aim to buy no new clothes. Stunned silence. Many have done it before and some have no choice. This is a first world contrivance. But a good discipline in which I expect to discover some truths. Firstly I think the project will instill a little more creativity. I will have to venture into areas of my wardrobe I very rarely use. Secondly I think it will hone my sense of style still further. If I haven’t worn something after one year, I am unlikely to ever wear it. Thirdly I expect I will save a heap load of cash and avoid some ill advised ‘sugar-low’ impulse buys.

The Rules

Having done some research I have established a couple of rules:

  • I can buy hosiery and underwear, let’s not be ridiculous.
  • I can buy shoes, especially for work, but I will aim to be disciplined
  • I can make new clothes – the creative juices will flow

So there you are. Will I survive? Not sure. I have already identified areas where I might find the whole experiment difficult. White shirts, I will need to be very careful to look after my white shirts. But it will also mean that I will need to ensure I keep on top of my weight and perhaps even lose a few pounds to enable me to visit long-lost clothing friends. I am looking forward to see what I discover. Will I cement my personal style or will a new more exuberant and will wacky Emma emerge? Only time will tell.   Save

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