A summer of….crochet

15/09/2014 · 1 comment

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Sometimes my design work takes me out of the seasons, for example I have been doing ‘Spring’ work in the last few weeks. Oh yes, we are so over Christmas here! This mismatch of time means that I frequently forget to enjoy the ‘now’ of the season we are in. These photos are from across the summer. They omit some of the designs I can’t share with you yet. But when I think about this summer I was really inspired by the book Outdoor Living by Selina Lake.


We were really fortunate to have some landscaping work done on our garden. Work that I have dreamed about for the last five years. I knew in my heart that I wanted to celebrate the end of summer by having a few friends over to enjoy the garden.


I took inspiration from Selina’s book at the beginning of the summer and made a comfy den for Little B, this is our full English brekkie photo in the den.  When all the work was finished in the garden we made a picnic space at the bottom of the garden.


The blankets I had made throughout Summer 14 adorned our cosy space. I even decorated our garden gate with pom-poms and ribbon. Very festive. When I think back at this summer I will remember plenty of adventures and new garden beginnings with a little crochet thrown in.

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