An upcycled kitchen for my Debbie Bliss Homeware

19/01/2014 · 2 comments

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DBHome6 In the last few weeks I have been teasing you with a few photos of the new Debbie Bliss homeware range. There has been a good reason that I haven’t done a proper reveal. I have been waiting for our kitchen to be ‘just right’ before I showed you particular favourites from Debbie’s new designs.


kitchenmosaicLast week we had an exciting little change which has made all the difference. Bit by bit we have altered little aspects of our kitchen and with the help of my brilliant project manager friend Katie at Stowed we had the kitchen tiles altered from their original mossy green to these rather spankingly brilliant metro tiles. I am so sorry that I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo. (After 3 years of blogging, you would have thought I could learn). But trawling the photo archive I did find these images which gives you a bit of an idea. I am not a huge fan of distruption in our house – I do not run towards building work or decoration with much joy. Thankfully I had some help to motivate me and to get the look that was floating around my head.

Kitchen2So with our light and bright kitchen I think I can properly show you the beautifully gorgeous mugs from Debbie’s range.

DBHome1 DBHome2I can’t choose my favourite.

DBHome4How cool are these tea-towels.  Great colours and so much fun.

DBHome5Inside each mug has the stitch pattern – I always associate Debbie with Moss Stitch and this grey colour is very her.


If you have a friend or a loved one who enjoys their yarn then I think the new homeware range from Debbie will be just the thing. As you would expect the quality is excellent. So smart. If you are interested pop by the Debbie Bliss website in March.


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