Autumn Colour – Pumpkin

18/09/2011 · 2 comments

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Ok, so I have a bit of a pumpkin vibe going on at the moment…

Often there are little projects which float about in my head, they don’t even get written down in a list or drawn on the back of an envelope. After making the pumpkin teacosy, this little chap was a natural extension. Firstly it began as a pin cushion and then I realised that it would make a lovely place setting for a Harvest/Thanksgiving supper.

If you wanted to give the pumpkin more character then the addition of some beads and a little embroidered mouth would be pretty easy. The pattern is pretty simple and a really good starter for any amigurumi fan. Feel free to download the pattern here for free

I must however mention that my friend Jonathan pointed out very gracefully that I had declared my teacosy pumpkin to be a vegetable. But alas my friends it is a fruit… because of the seeds! He made me laugh out loud sending me this….

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is leaving it out of the fruit salad!”


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