Babies and their friends – Patrick, Campbell & Betsy

26/01/2016 · 4 comments

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patrickpandaMy return to knitting in my mid-twenties was jump-started by my close friends expecting babies. The joy and excitement of a new little human is enough to get the creative juices going. I have nearly come to the end of the creative part of writing my next book. I am so excited about this book and it has been a great ‘dream come true’. However once I had finished making designs I wanted to crochet something which was just for friends and had no need to be perfect or pattern checked.


I found the enchanting work of Sandrine Deveze on Pinterest.  I don’t have a copy of her book, Sweet Crochet, but I think I might put it on my list to borrow or buy. Inspired by her designs I made my own version. I started with Patrick Panda to match with our own monochrome fluffy friend, Stanley


I’m afraid the making didn’t stop there, next came Campbell Bear and Betsy Bunny. Both ensure I have both bases covered when a new little baby arrives. If you know your crochet you can tell I used the reverse side of the double crochet stitch for the limbs and face and the right side for the jumper and sleeves. There is a nice contrast of textures – I have never utilised it before.


I have had a lovely time using up the old stash of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and I think that with a baby blanket and perhaps a sweet hat and booties these little animals would make a perfect gift for a friend and their little bundle of fun.

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