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1. Corsage Cushion - Very. 2. Knitted pot - Matalan. 3. Crochet cushion - Toast. 4. Knitted vase - John Rocha, Debenhams. 5. Toast. 6 Red Stripe Cushion - Blodwen. 7. Crochet Cushion - John Lewis. 8. Candle - John Lewis. 9. Corsage rug - Matalan

If you read any magazine at the moment or pop in to any homeware shop from the high-end to the very reasonable you will see that knitting and crochet is everywhere. Not just on comfy cushions, but popping up on ceramics, candles, even tooth-brush holders. It is lots of fun. Most of the high street clothes shops are embracing the home-knit look; big textures, bright colours and knitterly details like raglan sleeves.

Driftwood - Julie Hoover

So if you are not a knitter there are plenty of places this season to pick up a snuggly winter friend. However if you do pick up those sticks and need new inspiration, then I implore you to visit the website of Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. Jared is one of the most influential designers/photographers in the yarn world.

Forge Cap - Jared Flood, Gelsomina aran - Véronik Avery, Guilder Scarf - Jared Flood

We are talking detail, texture, definition, shaping and heirloom pieces. Drop by the website to look at this season’s look book, designs by the Brooklyn Tweed design collective. The photos are achingly gorgeous and timeless. If you just don’t get why some of us feel compelled to knit – this ‘style’ is perhaps the biggest clue I could give you. Yummy.

Eternity Cardigan, Eternity Scarf, Sempervivum Shawl - Jared Flood

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