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Good blankets need heft. Real weight. I’m talking about blankets which provide warmth in winter. These are not just for decoration. Draped like a mean ribbon at the end of the bed. Argh, who had time to arrange those?


In recent years we have been using blankets more and more in our house and outdoor living. A few years ago we stayed in holiday cottage in North Norfolk. The cottage was stylish but most significantly there was thought in every aspect of the furnishing. The owners had a blanket on each chair and sofa. As we sat together in the evening, we all grabbed the nearest blanket and snuggled underneath. From then on I made sure that we always had snuggly blankets in the living room, even in summer.

I have observed that in many Italian and Spanish restaurants the waiters provide a blanket on your chair. Why not? In Britain we have a habit of declaring…’ooo its getting a bit parky, shall we go in?’. No! let’s get cosy and stay out in the evening air. If you come to our house on summer evenings – the basket of blankets will appear and you can delve in and take your pick. In fact some of my friends now know of its existence and demand that the basket makes it appearance. Our evenings by the fire are extended.

The most important blankets though are those that we use in winter on our beds. I have my favourites. The Vintage Chic blanket that I designed for Granny Squares Home is very large and pretty. The weight of it on top of the duvet seems to bring added comfort on cold winter nights.


In recent weeks we have long stretches without any heating (….I know… not fun). We have never been more delighted to have a huge stock of blankets to pile on top of us. During the summer I made my recent design for Inside Crochet, Bloma Blanket. I do love the patchwork pattern and I knew that it would have great Scandi-chic look. It’s not hard to make – you just need to make plain granny squares and perfect your half and half square. The magic is all done in the arranging.

Now I’m going to be honest – I love beautiful fine yarn. I love the purest fleece. But there is a reason why Stylecraft Special DK is beloved by the crocheters…. the texture is soft, the wash is reliable and finally the price point is manageable. This beauty uses just 7 ball of 100g yarn which currently works out at under £14. Not bad.

What am I making now? Well I have just finished a few Christmas gifts and I have promised myself that I am going to finish my mitred square blanket over the holiday period. I don’t usually like to have projects that stay in the basket over many years, but this little beauty has taken a while. So I will commit to knit and finish.

If you are looking for a project for the colder months – go with a blanket. The most wonderful thing is that while it grows it warms the lap of the maker. What’s not to love?

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