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Last year was such a fun year creatively. Not only did I write Crocheted Succulents (see previous post), I also worked on a a really fantastic collaboration with West Yorkshire Spinners. We talked about developing a pattern collection for Bo Peep yarn for nearly a year. After looking at the colour range and chatting about the concept we decided that it would be a brilliant fun idea to create a ‘best friend’ Teddy Bear: Bo. We then thought it would be fun to match Bo’s wardrobe with items for kids. My imagination ran wild.


When I was a child, my teddy bear was always the best companion I had for imaginary fun. For a bear to have that important ‘pillow status’ he needs to have a kind face and cuddly feel. The bear I created is perhaps a third larger than my normal creations. When you design a toy that will have clothes you really have to think about leg, feet and arm proportions and  have ears that will work with a number of hats. It must be easy and enjoyable to dress the toy. Nothing too fiddly or annoying, but something that will be fun and nurturing. We care about our bears and we don’t want them to get cold.

bo peep-emma-varnam-west-yorkshire-spinnersbo peep-emma-varnam-west-yorkshire-spinners

The clothes

Oh my…I made about 3 fully created versions of Bo before the final pattern was settled upon. Then it was all about the clothes. I have my favourite looks and indeed some of the designs were based upon the clothes I made for our son many years ago. The poncho was based a on design I made for my young friend Betsy. In fact when I created jumpers, hats or scarves I generally have a child in mind who I know would love to wear the outfit. There are jumpers, dresses, hats, scarves, bags, all to take on a joyful adventure together.

bo peep-emma-varnam-west-yorkshire-spinners

Back to where I started

This book is definitely a dream come true. Working with West Yorkshire Spinners was such fun. I began my design career creating knitwear designs for children and it was fabulous to return to my roots. I couldn’t have done any of it without the super talented, Rhiannon. Rosee Woodland, Helen Birch and my friend Lynne Rowe made this publication incredible.

I think the colours of the yarn, the glorious illustration and the range of patterns make this book enchanting. If you like it will you tell me how you get on. I would love to see your bears and their little owners. Pop across to the Facebook Page or used #bopeepbear over on instagram. We can’t wait to see.

The book and the yarn has started appearing in many yarn shops and is available via on-line retailers. If you are in the U.S.A the book is being distributed via Sirdar yarn so you can ask you local stockist if they will be having the book available.

I have a special give-away this weekend – so if you are interested please pop back to get involved.



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