Book Review ~ Homespun Vintage ~ Jane Crowfoot

27/01/2013 · 2 comments

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Another great book for you. This book Homespun Vintage is written by the talented Jane Crowfoot.  Even though this book has a vintage vibe, I think its approach is very fresh. I have often wondered why aren’t there more patterns which combine the skills of knitting and crochet. I have heard it said that in America, people tend to be crocheters or knitters, not sure I think this is totally true.

In my experience many crafty people love to knit, crochet, quilt, embroider, garden…etc. Knitting and crochet have particular attributes and it seems mad to me that designers don’t exploit those specific qualities and combine them.

Well Jane, had done this. This book has many beautiful designs, there is colour, texture and technique. I have purchased this book not just for the patterns but the excellent explanation of some details, like ‘the Dorset button’. I am also a big fan of using crochet as a canvas for cross-stitch.

There is a wonderful pattern which does this beautifully. I think if you know my designs, you know I am a big fan of using crochet for embellishment… so the projects and styling in this book are right up my street. I wouldn’t say this is a book for I beginner, but instead it has many great explanations of more challenging technical tips. It is the sort of book I wish I could write.

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