Book Review ~ Once upon a Time in Crochet ~ Lynne Rowe

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LynneR5Dear Lovelies, I have had this lovely book in my sticky mitts for a couple of weeks now and have meant to blog about it for ages. Life and the summer have rather over-taken me. I delayed posting about it because I wanted to do the book justice. Once Upon a Time in Crochet is such a delightful collection of amigurumi toy designs that I am afraid I will not be able to give this edition away!


I have known Lynne’s work for many years now. We often work for the same magazines. She has a wonderful imagination and uses crochet techniques in an inventive way to create great amigurumi designs. If you like making crochet toys, this book should be in your library. You will be able to make fabulous play-sets for generations to come. I am particularly enchanted by her Princess and the Pea design, the very cute Goldilocks and the Three Bears and very cheeky Three Little Pigs.


I love the fact that her design for Rapunzel uses a well known crisp tube for the fortress castle. I also think that the dwarfs she has designed for her Snow White set would make perfect Christmas decorations. But my immediate ‘to-do’ will be making a version of the Ugly Duckling for Little B. It will bring an enormous smile to his face. When I have made it I will show you the results.LynneR3

Search Press have been growing in their influence within the craft market and this publication is a wonderful new-look for them. The detailed technical photos will make the construction so much simpler. It is a triumph of a book – and no I am afraid you cannot have my copy. It is going in my stash!


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