Book Review – Supersize Crochet by Sarah Shrimpton

25/09/2017 · 2 comments

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On the rare occasion when someone I know looks at me incredulously when I talk about crochet and quips, ‘Isn’t that just for old ladies?’ I find it so very hard not to shout quite loudly in their face – ‘WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE LAST DECADE?’. You will be relieved to hear I don’t. Mostly because I am British and I am so very tired of the comment. More fool them and indeed their eyes must have not seen anything in terms of magazines, books, youtube, shops or pinterest. ‘Knitting and crochet is so very now, darling…get with the project babe!’

If I wanted to convince them further I would happily slip Sarah Shrimpton’s latest book under their nose; Supersize Crochet: 20 quick crochet projects using super chunky yarn. The projects she has designed are both desirable for the modern home and by using chunky yarns the items are quick to make. Sarah is a fellow Stylecraft Blogstar and her wonderful designs can be found at Annaboo’s House.

As you can imagine, I have quite a broad range of crochet techniques under my belt, but there are a few stitches in this book that I have yet to try and so it won’t be long before I have a go at making Sarah’s basket design. They have a wonderful stitch detail that I feel I must try.

Funky Projects

Also on my to-do list will by the fab Hanging Pouch. Possibly a must for any house with a family. So practical and funky. If I get around to it I think Stanley would really like a homemade basket.

I must say that with all craft books it is easy to go straight to the pattern and fail to read any of the blurb. For my own books I put quite a bit of background information and handy hints within the text. These small asides usually give you lots of insight into the designer and provide you with an enjoyable read as well as the instructions. I have taken time to read the introductions in this book and you really get a sense of Sarah’s joyful personality and the inspiration behind her work.

I will be recommending this book to lots of my crochet friends. For a moment there I wondered about giving away my copy…but I won’t, it will stay in my ever expanding crochet library. You can’t get a better endorsement than that.


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