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Sometimes a craft book is published which changes the way we look at our craft. The overall look might be slightly different to what we are used to. The pattern content is different and exciting and the book becomes the ‘must-have’ item in our pattern library. I think Stephanie Dosen’s book Woodland Knits is perhaps one of these style setting numbers.

Let’s talk patterns first. There are twenty designs with a woodland fairie theme. The book collects together popular patterns which have previously published online and then there are some added gems, previously unseen.


When deciding if I will buy a pattern book I usually work out whether I want to make at least a quarter of the content. No problem here. Top of my favourites list include this traffic stopping Bow Peep scarf. I think I might make this is a raspberry sorbet hue which will look great with a winter coat.


Next on my list might be ‘Mr Fox Stole My Heart’. Isn’t this s cute idea. There are many different versions of this idea on the pattern circuit at the moment. But I think this is the most successful. Look at his cute face!


I must feature these fingerless mittens, with the little butterflies hiding in the palm of your hand. The very idea made me smile. I have also fallen in love with the Garden Gate and Ivy cowl and the Spirit of the Birch scarf is such a clever idea.


So those are my pattern choices. I know plenty of cool young things who probably want to learn to knit with the primary purpose of making Deer with Little Antlers Hat. The Fawn Poncho and Free Rapunzel hat are very ‘this season’ and quick knits using chunky yarn. I also think the Meow mitts are very covetable.


Finally it is worth mentioning that the patterns also feature a set of fairy wings. I will be keeping this pattern in my memory bank for the dressing up box. I have often thought that knitting was the best way to make a set of fairy wings. With lace weight yarn you can cover the wire frame without fiddly sewing. Great solution.

So there are great pattern ideas, but I have also enjoyed reading the pattern instructions. There are plenty of great tips – oh how I love a clever life-changing solution! Stephanie is both a successful blogger whose blog Tiny Owl Knits has massive following – her fans even have a name; the Owlies of TOKland! The publishers have also managed to fit in illustrations and quirky ‘blog-style’ asides and I think this is part of its success you can see where the idea from the design came from and here the voice of Stephanie through the text.


Many of us have been inspired by the woodland theme in our design work. Three of my most popular patterns feature a cheeky fox. Have a look at the wonderful creations of Louise Walker on her blog. But for Stephanie Dosen the woodland and fairie folklore is not just a ‘on-trend’ theme to base her collection around. I think it rather a way of life – how she sees the world. That is why this book hangs together so well. It manages to capture Stephanie’s whimsy, playful imagination and joy.

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