Caravan Tea Cosy

18/05/2011 · 7 comments

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Recently I have felt a yearning to make a little vintage tea-cosy. There have been a number of lovely articles about caravanning and camping in the multitude of magazines I peruse…(we have discussed the addiction issue before). So this little sweetie is in honour of Monica Rivron and her new book on Caravan Cooking. It is intended to bring a little bit of home comfort to the outdoor adventure.

The pattern is available for free to you to download, if you feel so inclined. However, a word to the wise, when you make the foundation chain, make it loose as otherwise you will wrestle with your cosy rather than elegantly ‘popping’ it on.

The loops on the top are inspired of my dear friend Susie. I made her a blackberry/raspberry cosy a while ago and was delighted that she hung it up. How fiendishly clever. So in the spirit of decoration the loop is a handy addition.

Finally I want to celebrate the power of kitsch biscuits. We had a fairly ‘serious’ meeting at our house last night. I felt that the kitsch or ironic biscuit can bring so much to such an occasion. The wafer ones were particularly enjoyed. But when it comes to a Tunnock Teacake. Well that my friends is a design classic.

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