Christmas Pudding Pot Holder

22/10/2011 · 2 comments

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Is it too early? Yes obviously. However if you are a yarnster then you might have begun your Christmas creating back in August. I have had this little idea in my head for ages and finished it about a week ago. The nights have really drawn in so I have found it  difficult to take photos for you.

I have made this pot-holder to bring a little chintzy glamour to the kitchen in the run up to the festivities. I used aran wool to give it thickness and made two identical sides for  the pudding. I attached the cream around the outer edge so that you can pop you hand in.

You can see on the back I have added a convenient loop so you can hang it up with other utensils. If you would like to download the pattern for free please do so from here. The observant amongst you will notice most of the pudding is made in crochet but the leaf is knitted. I really like this effect for holly leaves so have used it on my pot-holder. I have also included a crochet version in my pattern if you don’t like to knit. Hope you like it x


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