Colour Obsession – Duck Egg and Red

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For all of us there are some colours that really appeal. They may have memories attached to them. They might be colours that make your complexion sing. They might have an ancient symbolism. When I am designing, there are some colour combinations which I keep returning to. Top of my list is Duck Egg and Red. I simply adore this pairing, it speaks to me of the simplicity, of vintage hues and cheery summer colours. Coastal seas and bright deck chairs. Cornish blue with polka dot red. Village Church Hall crockery and gingham table clothes. Time and time again this double act reoccurs in my work. Whilst I dabble in trendy yellow and grey, teal and copper, duck egg and red are the tones you will find in my home.

Granny Sqaure Home - Book- crochet- Emma - Varnam


Over December and into the New Year I have taken a crochet break and exercised my knitting skills. I have been working on a fairisle cardigan, worked in the round with a yoke. I quite happily could have gone with the blue, white and red traditional colours for this Norweigan pattern. Instead I turned to my favoured palette for a bit of a change (not). I promise that I will share with you my finished cardigan.

It has been quite an adventure. However at the same time I have decided to make a knitted mitred square blanket. The vintage crochet blanket in Granny Squares Home has proved so popular that I felt it was only fair to try and make an equivalent vintage pattern which was knitted. Happy colours to brighten up the winter days. What are you favourite colour combination?





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