Cosy Craft – Top 5 Hygge things to knit or crochet

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The Danish idea of Hygge, and how to live a cosy, happy Scandinavian life is dominating the media and the bookshelves this winter. I have a lovely friend and colleague who is Danish. For many years she has talked to me about the way that her homeland creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. She lent me the lovely book by Meik Wiking The Little Book of Hygge

summerparty15.9A way of life

As the evenings are darker and it is getting chillier, there are a great lessons we can learn from our Scandinavian neighbours. Get cosy by lighting candles. Invite friends over to make and share a meal together. Go off-line and live in the moment. Read a book or just sit chatting by the fire? Finally, make something cosy?


Reading this book got me thinking. I think knitters and crocheters have an innate sense of hygge. We enjoy making things, we enjoy the tactile and the slow thoughtful meditation of stitching. Yarn crafters often like to make in the company of others. We were born to this cosy and sociable way of life.

hygge2Top 5 Hygge things to make

It also occurred to me that there are really some ultimately ‘hygge’ items that we can knit or crochet.

  1. The Cowl – the Danes love a big scarf, the cosier the more stylish. My favourite all time make
  2. The Shawl – A new addition to my crochet repetoire this year, but vital for outdoor comfort by the fire
  3. The Lap Blanket – Could anything by more ‘hygge’ then curling up on the sofa with a a loved one with a homemade blanket on your knee.
  4. A pair of Slippers – I made lots of pairs last year as Christmas gifts. In Denmark they make cosy socks available for all guest to wear.
  5. Fingerless mittens – An easy make which enables you to type or knit in warm comfort.


If you have more items you would add to this ‘hygge’ list then do tell me. Plus when you spot a newspaper article on the Danish ‘hygge’ way of life, smile and think to yourself, you are already living the cosy dream.



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