Crafty Magazine ~ I’m loving it!

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Issue 9 cover project Sarah Fordham(1)

There is a new craft magazine on the block – Crafty Magazine is now on issue 9 and I have to say it has turned my head in the supermarket aisle.

I really do like the ideas they have and I must say I do enjoy following their Pinterest site. There is also an added bonus for me because the publisher is local and it makes me very happy to support a local company.

Knit Purl Gloves - Emma Varnam(1)

I will really thrilled that the editor of the magazine  wanted me to produce a tutorial for their current issue. Making cheeky wee tattoo inspired gloves. I had lots of fun with this project and it enables you to have all that attitude with none of the permanent ink. There is something incredibly fun and inventive about the new craft resurgence. Think of any words you might want to embroider on some gloves and you can have lots of fun with a personalised gift. Crafty Magazine are currently showing my photo tutorial on how to do chain stitch, so if you fancy brushing up on your sewing skills, there is a little reminder there – I realise now, I should have got a manicure.

Japanese Boro textile sewing Elizabeth Healey 2(1)

Other great things to make in this issue are some beautiful scrap cushions by Elizabeth Healey. I adore these textures.

Meringue Kisses - The Meringue Girls(1)

Finally if you are a baker rather than a maker find inspiration from the glorious colourful meringues by the Meringue girls. So pretty, almost too pretty to eat….on second thoughts!


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