It’s in the bag – Project bags I love #1

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I can’t deny it, I have quite a collection of project bags. I don’t think I will ever give up collecting them. At any one time I can have 3 or 4 crochet projects on the go. As I flit between commissions, it is useful to have the yarn, hooks and pattern in separated out.

happy-crochet-projecet-bagTwo types

For me project bags tend to fall into two types; firstly there is a large bag which will come with me on holiday or sit adjacent to my spot on the sofa. Secondly I use a smaller bag that will fit into my handbag, ready for a day out. This week I am going to review two bags sent in the post and give you the low down on their features.

Firstly let’s have a look at this absolute beauty of a project bag by Happy Crocheting. I have been eying up a bucket bag like this for ages. I do like a bag to have useful pockets, but this design takes a crafting tote to a whole new level.

The pockets on the side have specific places for your hooks, pens, notebook and accessories.. Suddenly I feel all organised.

In terms of capacity you can fit in a good quantity of yarn. I am in the process of finish a single bed blanket using DK yarn and it easily went into this bag. Having the shoulder strap and the carry handle is useful. When you open the bag, there is a very large zip which means you can flip the top of the bag right back and it acts as an open basket. It is this feature which ensures it will have multiple purposes in our house. I can leave it by the side of the sofa and then dip in and out while I am working in front of the telly.

happy-crochet-projecet-bagThe best bit

However it is out- and- about that this bag comes into its own. On a recent trip down south I took my crochet on the train. On several occasions my cheeky ball of wool ran off embarrassingly under another passenger’s chairs. Argh, how frustrating. I thought even then, ’I wish I had a bag with me with a hole for my yarn so that I could keep it clean and contained’.


Lots of project bags have a feeder hole for yarn, but it does mean that you work ends up being on one side of the bag and your yarn on the other. The genius of this bag is that you can sit the bag on the floor – your yarn can be captured in the bag while you work.  There is a larger slit in the top of the bag so that you can change the ball of yarn over or even quickly pop your project away if you need to pack up quickly.

happy-crochet-projecet-bagThe test run

I took this bag with me for a test-run the other weekend. Little B was at a go-karting party and I was happy to sit and crochet while he sped around the track. This bag allowed me to discreetly work on my commission without getting muck and dust on my yarn. Perfect.

These project bag is currently retailing at £22.99 on Amazon, you can also have a look at the blog and Facebook page by Happy Crocheting. They are a small British company, who understand the needs of an avid crocheter. Well worth checking out and you will not be wrestling my Crochet drum bag off me any time soon.




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