Crochet everywhere – my new mobile phone case

08/05/2018 · 2 comments

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I forgot to show you this when I wrote my last blog post. The lovely people at Go Customized sent me my very own mobile phone case. It is designed using a photo I took of my Little River cushion cover. I have been looking for a case for a while. In the office it is easy to mix up a myriad of similar phones. But with a granny square motif, no-one will pick up my phone by mistake!

I chose a wooden case to have as my design base. I really like the texture. However if I designed another I might have a go with the transparent case. Either way the process was brilliantly easy and my case arrived so quickly. You just upload the image when you have chosen the make and model of your phone. What arrives is your own bespoke design. I could see that it could be a little addictive. I was fortunate that Go Customized sent my case for free but at around 20 quid it would make a really personalized birthday or anniversary present. I am now thinking about what image I might choose next.


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