Crochet is my super-power….part 1

11/05/2014 · 1 comment

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I saw a t-shirt design recently on Pinterest which said ‘Knitting is my super power…what’s yours?’ It made me laugh out loud. I really wanted to find one substituting knitting for crochet as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I think I equally like knitting and crochet. Currently I have a ‘WIP’ (work in progress) which is just garter stitch. I love the rhythm of being able to just knit – no looking just needles moving. But it occurred to me that with the very small problems of life (and I mean small and not earth shattering), I can solve them with a little application of crochet!

There is only one snag. It must be true of all of those who possess super-powers. It is great when you first realise you have this power, and only you know. Think of the fun you can have with invisibility….I am no fan of heights but I wouldn’t mind being able to climb walls like Spiderman. I think things get more complicated when people realise that you have this freakish ability and start imagining what you can do. When they start believing.


We had a recent situation when Little B chose to dress up as Willy Wonka for school book day. Specifically he wanted to be the original ‘book version’. He wasn’t going to be Gene Wilder or the Johnny Depp version. So we  had green trousers, a velvet jacket and a cane….. The night before World Book Day, he turned to me and said;

‘Willy Wonka has a gold top to his cane, can you paint this with some gold paint?’

‘Sorry darling, I don’t have any. I don’t think it will matter though, it looks great anyway’

‘No not really, it needs to be gold if I am Willy Wonka’

‘Well I am sorry, I don’t have any’

‘That is not a problem, you can just crochet one instead, there you go Mummy’

Silence……you see people start believing in you super-power…..


The thing is, he was right. I grabbed some gold cotton and some lurex and fifteen minutes later there was a rather natty top to that swagger cane. Darn. Probably due to the amount of crochet I currently do I have more confidence in making a solution with yarn than I do with paint now. Tomorrow I will tell you about the next fancy dress disguise which the powers of crochet managed to solve and yes I know, I only have myself to blame.


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