Cute Crocheted Animals – who are you making?

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cute-crocheted-animals-emma-varnamOver on instagram and on facebook I am beginning to see lovely little chaps appearing from my book Cute Crocheted Animals: 10 Well-Dressed Friends to Make. This brings me such happiness.

I am especially delighted to see that people have picked their favourite wardrobe items for each animal and arranged their own outfits. This was totally my intention.

cute-crocheted-animals-emma-varnamThe little guys were designed to be played with. I spent many happy hours dressing up my dolls and teddies and I think it is perhaps the most natural thing in the world to develop your nurturing skills as a small child to dress, chat and quite frankly boss about a little cuddly toy.

stanley and emily -emma varnamI tried to design outfits which mirrored the style that children were wearing today. You will spot the dungarees, the Breton top, the bobble hat and wellies.


Please do send me photos of your own version of my the little animals. I just love to see how they are developing. I have also been thinking about extending their wardrobe. If you have bright ideas about new garments, drop me a line.

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