Cute Crocheted Wild Animals

21/02/2020 · 41 comments

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I can’t tell you how excited I am to show you this book. Look, this a big, vulnerable thing to do. Each time I start with an idea. Each time a draw, design and crochet a new project for a book…it’s a wonderful and scary day.

Since the first book was published, lovely makers started contacting me and asking…’Can you make an Elephant?’, ‘What about a Monkey?’ I started making a few notes and collecting a few ideas.

So after a lot of chatting my gorgeous editor, Wendy we narrowed down our family of friends. Let me introduce you.


Our cover stars are Barbara and Cyril Elephant, cosy in their nightwear. Barbara is a fan of Ballroom dancing (I’m a Strictly fan!) and Cyril is also passionate about the foxtrot but also his garden. Both toys have little accessories, a blanket, a hotwater bottle and even a mini teddy bear. Cute!


The Zebras are Peggy and Jeff, Peggy is and adventurer who loves to climb mountains and Jeff is like a fair few of my male friends – always first on the dance floor creating some great shapes.


Monkeys Molly and Billy are lots of fun, Billy loves the rain and skateboarding and Molly is an aspiring actress – both have outfits which I designed to appeal to my younger readership so that you can create a toy which is all matchy-matchy.


Pandas Maisie and Sidney are ready for the Beach. Their outfits are fun and colourful, but they also have loads of beach accessories which will be fun to create for any toy taken on holiday.

Finally the Lions are Roger and Ada. Ada is based on one of my oldest friends; organised, funny and fashionable. Then Roger the Lion is also a fun loving joyful chap based on a good friend.

If you made the toys in my the first book, you will be delighted to know that the clothes will fit your creations. This book expands the wardrobe options and I have also listened to some of the queries and advice you have given me since writing Cute Crocheted Animals. I have written more about creating features and added in my top toy making tips.

The photos of each of these little friends just fill me with joy. I have Jonathan, Wendy, Rebecca and Martin at GMC to thank for the time and dedication they put into each and every book. Jude Roust patiently does all the pattern checking – thank heavens for her. The funniest thing is that these little character come to life on the page. Even I read some of the text and giggle – Wendy adds in some surprises for me…


To celebrate its publication – I would like to do a small giveaway. If you would like a chance of winning a signed copy of my this book, please comment below and tell me about the most toy you ever owned. I will be choosing a winner at random on 29 February – Leap Day! I do hope you like it – Happy Weekend x

Congratulations Wendy – you have won the giveaway – so thrilled!

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