Edgar the Monster Egg Cosy

10/03/2011 · 2 comments

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I really good friend of mine from University left a lovely comment on my blog about the Cheeky Chick Egg Cosy. She said that her daughter liked it a lot and her sons were also drawn to the image. But it got me thinking…if you were a surfer dude in Australia, sporty and just a little bit cool ( I am aware their genes) then frankly you would not be keen to see the Cheeky Chick staring at you across the breakfast table.

Who am I kidding, would you actually put a cosy on your boiled egg if you were cool? I don’t know. I have never been cool. But say you were happy to be amused by your mother, I think Edgar would be the kind of chap who would bring a smile to your little face. So if you are a cool Mc D living down-under – this chap  is dedicated to you. The pattern is for free and so simple.  Enjoy!

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