Ella and Bea – Fairy Dolls

02/03/2011 · 6 comments

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I have some dear friends who have the most beautiful twin daughters. One is a dancer, a dreamer, an ethereal beauty with Pre-Raphaelite locks. The other is cute and focused, an organiser and a planner. Both are delightful. Their Mummy asked me to make something for them…it took me a little while to think, but it was whilst I watched them dancing recently that I felt inventing a new pattern especially for them, inspired by them would fit the bill.

The dolls stand about 6 ins tall, and they use very little yarn. They are not time consuming but can feel a bit fiddly ( I won’t deny it). However the only really challenging bit is the wings. They are really made to honour those little girls who bring so much delight into the world.

To stiffen the wings, I used  a spray starch, but I wonder if a diluted craft glue might be more permanent (perhaps more scratchy). Anyway if it is your pleasure, please download the pattern free here. Your comments and photos would be very welcome.

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