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I have been thinking about making toys recently. As you know, often I can be beavering away in the background, making something secret I cannot share. You will imagine that it will include toys – toys for babies, toys for toddlers, toys for play, toys to amuse and in some cases toys that adults love. Well I know that there are really three important factor that make a great toy.


Make it stand the test of time

Firstly, it needs to be hard-wearing. A really successful toy is not just admired – it is loved. Indeed the ultimate goal of a toy is to be ‘the one’. That means lots of imaginative play, lots of trips to unknown places. Lots of adventures in the garden, lots of holidays and even being flung out of bed in the middle of the night. Very undignified. Toy making began in earnest for me when I learnt to crochet. I discovered something. Working in the round; amigurumi, meant there were fewer seams. That meant there was less chance of having arms, legs ears pulled off in enthusiastic games or just from general wear and tear.

Do you know that this little monster was the very first crochet toy I ever made for my boy. At the time it sat neatly in his hand. Now he has enormous hands and this little chap seems very very small. In Cute Crochet Animals I suggest that you attach the arms by incorporating the last stitches of each arm into the rounds of the body. This means that the limbs become part of the whole piece and won’t fall off or unravel. This is my very favourite technique and I use it whenever I can.


Be inspired

Some my very favourite designs or makes have been inspired by small conversations. Chatting away to children or friends you get to know what they really love. I tell you nothing, absolutely nothing is more wonderful than a home made treasure which someone has made specifically for you. It is not only the time and effort it takes to make that object, but the added value of listening to you, hearing and noting your passions and then turning that conversation into an idea.


I have designed many penguins over the years – for one simple reason – my son loves penguins. His love of these comical birds has changed our family. Who knew there were so many species? I have watched more films, cartoons and documentaries about penguins than I dreamed possible. They have infiltrated my design work – and I am so glad they have. But I make Penguins because I love him and I want to delight his heart – I am sure I will make more

Emily-Cute Crochet Animals-Emma-Varnam

Look for the cute

The last bit of making a toy is the very most vital part. Placing the features – I have three pieces of advice for you. Firstly, relax. Homemade toys – are meant to look like just that – homemade. They are not made by robots – they are not made in their hundreds. They are unique and therefore should look different and bespoke. Secondly if you pour love into the process then your toy will reflect that love and care. I can’t explain it – but it is like a small sprinkle toy-maker’s magic dust. The care, the time, the joy comes seeps out through every stitch.


Finally do take your time. I might place the eyes in several different places before I finally settle on their lasting position and fasten them. Even though I have made hundred of toys I will rip out noses, mouths and ears and start again. If in doubt – rip it out. But do finish it.


It occurred to me recently – when my boy is all grown up – will I stop making toys? I don’t think so, because you know who gets the most joy from making these toys – the biggest kid – Me!

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