Free Pattern Friday – Fruity Fun

18/05/2018 · 0 comments

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Do you know what – I frequently forget that I have free patterns available all over the place. It seems that everyone wants and needs something for free and indeed some designers have begun to get a bit fed up about it. A free pattern is a great way to get more visitors to your blog or website, but it does sort of devalue the work that goes into writing and creating patterns.

In my mind I have often given away patterns that seem quite simple and have been easy for me to create. But I think I might do a spring clean very soon and start limiting those I have available. So be quick, just for the summer I am going to keep my fruity potholder patterns available for you to download from LoveKnitting. I have versions of these potholders in my kitchen. The brighten up the oven and actually are great mats for hot barbecue dishes.

Download them while you can – from the link here

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