Garter Stitch Sloppy Beanie Hat

01/11/2011 · 1 comment

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All around my native city I have been watching the reappearance of the woolly hat. Hurrah. This season I have seen a lot of chunky garter stitch beanies. Some might have a large woolly bobble, others have a faux fur bobble. It has taken a while for this trend to filter through to the highstreet, I think it was Burberry two winters ago who first went with that look.

I occurred to me that this would be the simplest hat to make. But with a twist… out with the fur, out with the faux fur, out indeed with the pom pom maker. This pom pom is crocheted, turned inside out, then stuffed with polyester filling. Then a very firm hand is taken to it with a pet grooming brush. You tease the fibres into a fluffy ball of fun.

I have now made two, one in navy for me…(the words mutton, dressed, lamb could be used – but I refuse to go gracefully). I made another for a very trendy friend who rocked the whole look with strong Ray-ban specs. So cool!

A really easy make with a very animal friendly bobble. If you like it please feel free to download the pattern for free here

If you are so inclined there a nominations going in for the best crafty blogs – if you feel like doing it you can nominate here

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