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03/02/2016 · 4 comments

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There is a very definite correlation between how busy I am and how much I knit or crochet. The more stress there is in day-to-day life the faster the needles and the hook flies. If there are worries or concerns which I know might keep my mind racing into the night, then I might even force myself to dream in knitwear. Does that sound so very strange? Well those of you who are committed to the yarn hobbies, you will know what a joy, comfort, soothing past-time you enjoy.  Recently there have been quite a few research studies published about the benefits of knitting. I really don’t need convincing. But I was interested to read about the medical benefits of distraction, confidence building and increased concentration for patients who suffer from eating disorders or others which are being treated for drug or alcohol dependency.


I enjoy flipping between crochet and knitting. Both have their own joys and strengths. When people ask me how they can start to learn to knit or crochet, I always ask them how they like to learn. You see for me I prefer self directed learning, not sitting in a classroom, but rather with a book or instruction manual in front of me so that I can take things at my own pace. The good people at Simply Stylish Knitting sent me a copy of their weekly publication this week and I wonder if you were thinking about taking up Knitting as a complete novice this magazine would be a good place to start. Now I have always committed to bring you good things on the blog. If I like a product, pattern or yarn I will share it with you. If I am not so keen I tend not to feature it at all. I must say I think they have done a good job with this publication. The instructions are clear and logical. The yarn and the needles which are included are of a good quality, which is both surprising and a delight. I think that the styling and the pattern choice is excellent. I don’t know who has styled or edited this publication but I must say I have been mightily impressed. I might even admit that I have learnt something new….

simplestylishknit3My own magazine vice is quite ingrained, but it would be worth seeing if you can pick up a copy at the supermarket because the projects are well explained and contemporary. I would also suggest having a look at the Love Knitting website as they have a special page where you can see the upcoming patterns and order the yarn to match.


I made a cute mug cosy with the needles and yarn that came with issue 1 and it was a nice little relaxing distraction from the hurly burly of life. Tell me what you think about their pattern choice, because I think it looks ideal for the modern novice.

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