Glorious Spring #2

07/02/2011 · 2 comments

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A good friend of our spotted me in a supermarket on Sunday carrying a bunch of Spring flowers and said -‘You always have fresh flowers in your house’. I replied quoting Dorcas Lane from the British book/tv programme, Lark Rise to Candleford, ‘Fresh flowers are my one weakness’. The irony for Miss Lane and myself is that it patently not true…but how I am loving them at the moment in windy wet winter.

I also wanted to share with you a little rediscovery from the depths of the airing cupboard. The other night I spent a happy hour sorting through the mess that was this little hovel (I enjoyed it – I am saying no more). But at the bottom I found a collection of lovely little embroidered linens which we inherited from my darling, late mother-in-law.

Isn’t it strange how the fashion for vintage, has reawakened our appreciation for these little pretty things. For years I saw these things around my in-laws house. I always appreciated the skill, my word the finishing is gorgeous and I can only aspire to it.

Now these pieces of cloth take on new meaning. Each one has a significance and can really add something worn, something old and timeless to a room. For a while I have thought about unearthing them, but have stopped, aware that maybe their appearance would bring memories flooding back not just to me, but to my husband. Sometimes we just don’t need any help in that direction. However now it is so near to spring, the season of new life, I think these old things can see the sunshine again.

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