Holiday Inspiration – South Africa #1

03/05/2015 · 3 comments

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Sagardencentre2A couple of weeks ago we went on an exciting family adventure to South Africa. A big, much anticipated trip to visit a lovely friend and to see lots of animals, beautiful landscape and an incredible culture. There are lots of aspects of this trip I would love to share with you. Obviously any time away will involved some great crochet opportunities – I will share that yarn adventure with you soon. Time away is also an opportunity to visit beautiful gardens and being inspired by local flowers and plants.


The planting and growing conditions are so very different from our own here in Britain. However I was inspired by the beautiful succulents which grow so freely in gardens and on the coastline. Here in the north of England, we are really too damp for succulents to enjoy life. But I thought that in the summer I would try to recreate the dry soil conditions in pots to make a mini-hommage to our South African trip.

planttheatre2For a while I have wanted to create a little ‘plant-theatre’ to display a number of small pots. I have planted up a few new pelargonium and a couple of new succulent plants as well as some that have survived our frosty winters.


Then I thought I would try to make a South African inspired display for the garden table. I took a shallow basket which was in the garage and then lined it with a hanging basket liner. I mixed quite a lot of sharp sand with compost and then crammed the plants in so that they are snug. We will watch and wait to see if the basket survives our rather lush and rainy weather. I hope during the summer this basket will be a little reminder of our African trip.


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