Crochet Colour Inspiration – All the blues – A Barcelona Blanket

21/07/2016 · 8 comments

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Finding inspiration for your crochet projects is easier than it seems. Why not use your holiday travels to spot colour combinations you might never have thought about. On our recent weekend trip to Barcelona I found inspiration amongst the fabulous mosaics of Parc Guell.


I had a very specific commission in mind. My boy, my baby boy; Little B is growing up. He now stands next to me, eying me up – seeing how far it is, how long it will be before his gorgeous auburn head over takes mine. Not long I think, a year, maybe eighteen months. Since before he was born I have made him blankets. A knitted red heart blanket, a rather dreadful odds and end blanket for outdoor play and his most beloved ugly blanket. Recently he has diplomatically alerted to me that all of his blankets are: ‘how can I say it? Rather small…’ He has a point.



The time has come to create a blanket for a ‘big boy’. The size of a single bed. I asked him what colours he would prefer and without missing a beat he said blue. Well it was fortunate that we were visiting the utterly glorious Barcelona that weekend. To my shame I have never visited before, but oh, what a city. There is to much to see, so much inspiration around every corner, however you cannot be surprised to learn that we adored Parc Guell, the utterly beautiful Gaudi park creation.

parcguell5 parcguell4 parcguell3 parcguell2 parcguell1

The shapes of the architecture, the intricacies of the mosaic and the overall planting have been an inspiration to many. It seemed obvious to use the striking mosaic as a theme for Little B’s new blanket. So simple – so striking.

I have found using our holiday and high-days a brilliant discipline to stimulate new creativity. I am glad that we were able to visit this amazing city as a family. Hopefully B will treasure this blanket and even as a tall teenager remember this hot city adventure and the wonderful architecture he saw for the first time in the summer of 2016.

Where in the world have you been inspired by colour? Is there one colour that you associate with a special place? If so why not leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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