‘I am ready for my crochet close up dahling!’

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Weeks and weeks ago I spent a happy Saturday filming how to crochet for a new magazine Crochet Now. The lovely editor, Hugh Metcalf and I spent hours filming and photographing my hands as they worked through a series of techniques and stitches.


Lots of my friends have asked me to teach them to crochet. Indeed I have been quite successful in imparting the magic hook wielding techniques. Now, however there is no need to listen to my voice, because Crochet Now Magazine have a lovely set of videos which will take you through the basics with my fingers doing the work.


I can’t tell you how hard it was to slow my fingers down for each stitch. There was much giggling as I would have to re-do stitch after stitch. You can see in one of these photos that quite a lot of black coffee was drunk as well.

I never saw myself as a hand model and have always rather disliked my little fingers, but I am confident in knowing how to handle the hook and it is rather nice to see my fingers working away on film. As I write there are two videos available and more will be released in the future.


Have a look at the videos: Chain Stitch here and Double Crochet here

Do pop by the website of Crochet Now Magazine.

Tell me what you think and it you enjoy them.

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