I love you Kitten – an ode to Bernard

11/01/2012 · 2 comments

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I do realise that I haven’t posted a free pattern for a while (see previous post!) I was thinking about it over the Christmas break and decided to get ahead of myself and make a little Valentine’s gift. So this little amigurumi is an ode to our kitten cat Bernard.

Really it is a tale of unrequited love. As Little B would say, ‘ I think Bernard does love you Mummy, just not as much as you love him!’ Cut to cat scampering away – in a effort of avoid cuddles. Obviously  you don’t have to make this little kitten for a festive occasion. I sewed his little paws together and fixed a button between them, you could use a little piece of felt instead, or perhaps pop a little secret message between his arms. I just knotted a little piece of 5mm ribbon around his neck or a collar. If you had proper time you could make a collar which had a little bell on it.

Most of the work is in rounds but the ears and the tail are worked in rows. Don’t feel you have to buy safety eyes to complete this little chap. I had them to hand – but buttons would work equally well.

I am not sure what Bernard would think of this level of affection…well actually I know, he stepped over the little kitten and knocked it off the table. Here’s hoping your creation gets a better reception x The free pattern is available here.


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