Ladybird, Ladybird

23/07/2011 · 3 comments

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On a gallery visit this week, some cards from the artist Charley Harper, caught my eye. Specifically his wonderful graphic images of Ladybirds.

So this little keyring is inspired by the fantastic Mr Harper and the wonderful garden soldiers who valiantly battle against the greenfly. I love these little insects, finding one is like discovering a little piece of garden royalty. I am not sure that childlike delight ever goes away.

If you don’t know Charley Harper’s work I would urge you to have a quick look at the link above.

If you would like a quick crochet gift for a friend this little trinket doesn’t take long to complete. Please download the free pattern here.

I think it is also as close as I have come to finding a successful design for gardening friends. It occurs to me that it would be nice to do a keyring for shed/greenhouse keys, but nothing is really coming to mind…If you have any other suggestions I will crochet the most practical/successful design and send it to the winner.





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