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20/07/2018 · 4 comments

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It is such a strange way that designs seem to time travel. You design, make and create in one season and then they are shipped off to their final destination. In another season they reappear and you have almost forgotten when and where you made it.


Holiday Project

Well whilst we were away in the last few weeks my new design for Stylecraft Yarns has been launched. I created a new blanket and cushion design for their Autumn season using some bright shades of Life DK and a lovely gray tonal yarn – Life Changes. I was actually making this blanket in the depths of our chilly February holiday. We were all poorly – but sat for hours watching the Winter Olympics. Nothing could be more cosy than making a blanket when you need some comfort.


Getting Prepared

In the middle of our heatwave here in Britain it might seem a bit odd to be thinking about your autumn projects – but get ready because before you know it you will want to be under a lovely homemade creation. I hope you like the look of the design. The blanket would be perfect for a beginner.


I try really hard to create designs that I would like to have in my own home and match in with contemporary interior trends. All the brights are a lovely little highlight and then the tonal grays of the Life Changes yarn provide a modern look.

The pattern will be available for the normal Stylecraft stockists in the Autumn and the design code is 9559. Tell me what your think




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