Mask Mates – Crochet to the rescue

18/05/2020 · 0 comments

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emma-varnam- mask - mates
emma-varnam- mask - mates
emma-varnam- mask - mates

Lovely blog readers, I am just putting these images here for you. I have lots of friends and colleagues who are key workers. They all have to wear masks as part of their everyday job. I had the most hilarious conversation with a friend who came to drop off a little treat at my door,’Why have all my friends got crochet mask adjusters and you are a Queen of Crochet and you haven’t made me one?’ she was joking…but she was right….

So when she left…slightly ashamed I rushed to my stash and started making. I made a plain – professional one. A joyful flowery version and a cheeky froggy pattern. I have another which is brewing in my head and soon I shall share a pattern with you. These are so easy to do. My advice is to make them if you have willing recipients. There is nothing worse than passionately creating woolly gifts only to discover they are swamped under a tsunami of crafty kindness. But it is nice to think that the hooky people among us can provide a little comfort in these difficult times.

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