Mid-week Sneaky Peek – Modern Graphic Crochet Blanket

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Modern, blanket, crochet, debbie bliss, graphic, rialto DK

Today I am providing you with a little mid-week sneaky peek at the design process behind my new modern graphic crochet blanket for Debbie Bliss. Triangles, zig-zags and diamonds are at the core of interior style at the moment.

Since the resurgence of mid-century furniture design and a new love of the retro style of the 60’s and 70’s, graphic patterns have dominated in the high street.

I have been dwelling on how I might create a lap blanket which would suit my friends modern living room.

modern, debbie bliss, triangle, blanket, mid-century, rialto DK

I got hold of some Debbie Bliss Rialto DK and started playing with triangle combinations and how the colours could contrast and pop. A blanket of squares, means that a project is nicely split up into sections and this double crochet pattern is ideal for a relative beginner.

modern, debbie bliss, triangle, blanket, mid-century, rialto DK

Joining the squares I thought about the different options available to me. Some design rules say you should never edge anything in black; it kills the colour. However I was quite certain that to capture the spirit of this style, a graphic black line would fit. Have a look at the work of Mondrain, he wasn’t afraid of a black line.


modern blanket, crochet, Debbie Bliss, triangles, graphic,

I had a lot of fun arranging and re-arranging the squares to get a pattern I liked. As you can see – this is not a glamourous or hi-tech process. If my colour choices don’t suit your colour scheme, why not pick out the dominant colours in your living room or nursery and play around with some felt tips to design your own version. I hope you like the finished blanket, it is certainly one of my favourite designs.

Just to amuse you – this is the photograph which appears on my camera during the design process – I think I might have been getting a little monochrome influence from Stanley and his penguin friends.

cat, monochrome, penguins

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