Minty Rocks!

11/04/2013 · 6 comments

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My old friend Jude commented on the image of my first ever ‘homemade sock’ and said that her brother called them ‘Minty Rocks’. I love this name! Plus I was finding it difficult to come up with a name for this pair. A gorgeous combination of scarlet, pink and white. But look at them – yes they do remind me of Blackpool Rock – so that really works.

I am very happy with the pattern – but this was some serious knitting my friends. On 4 small needles, in the round, with admittedly fine yarn. I had this ball of Wendy Happy 4 Ply in my stash. If you were thinking of embarking on making your first pair of socks, go for a chunkier yarn. I think I understand why socks become addictive, the pattern is always changing, from turning the heel, picking up stitches and then the final toe grafting. There is a level of skill. But will I be hand washing this pair and then blocking them after each wear? I don’t think so.

There is one aspect of these sock which slightly make my left eye twitch. If you know me can you guess what it is?

The stripes… do I get the stripes to match on both socks with a self striping yarn. Does anyone know? If you do can you point me in the right direction?

I had some yarn left over yarn and I am always keen to use it up. I have just bought the fabulous book Simple Crochet by Sara Sanaguglia (which I love and I will review in the next week). In past years I have made some crochet food covers and they have proved really practical. So  I made this jaunty number using Sara’s Amore Jug Cover pattern. Lovely. How pretty will this look on the garden table during a lazy summer lunch? We can but hope we will have the weather!

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