Missing a deadine and a delicate balance

30/04/2014 · 2 comments

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Yesterday I had one of those heart sinking moments. In preparation for a chat with my lovely editor, I double checked one of my project contracts and realised that I was not ‘on-track’ with my current commission, but spectacularly late. I have totally mis-read my schedule and should have submitted a beautifully written pattern, motif diagram 10 days ago!  This kind of diary malfunction is the sort of thing that can easily tip the delicate ‘it is all fine’ balance in my head. Arghhh!

It is so easy for me to underestimate how much I need to get done in a week. But it is nearly a decade ago now that my joyous ‘hobby’ turned into a part-time creative career. Since then I have added activities like my beloved blog, having various social media activities and actually in the last two years, three book projects….It is no wonder when I add it up that I could do with doing some more housework or indeed being a bit more inventive with meals for the family. Often it feels like everyone and everything gets a half measure.

I think there are lots of us, whose harshest task master are quite obviously themselves. My lovely editor was really kind, patient and understanding and yet I was giving myself a serious talking to.

On evenings like last night, I am tempted  to stop the merry-go-round and say, ‘I need to get off!’, I appear to be letting everyone down. Luckily I am aware now that really what I need to do is not overreact.  What I really need to do is say ‘no’ to a few tempting offers and just get my mental house in order. Without getting run down I can just clear the decks and work out what should be top of the ‘to-do’ list. Because really – life is good – it is only crochet/photography/blogging in the end and the world will not really know or even care if I drop the ball.

There are always more projects, more ideas than I could possibly complete in a week and that is just in my knitting or crochet life. I can’t even begin to talk about our house or garden! I am not sure how you keep everything in balance, but I must remind myself that it is this wonderful yarn hobby which has always helped to keep my mind ‘on-track’. I need to keep it that way.

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