Mitered Square Blanket

03/01/2020 · 5 comments

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Sometimes you just have to finish a project…3 years sat in a basket…moved from room to room, is too long for a bunch of yarn to sit about in my house.


I know that my Mitred Square Blanket has been hanging around for 3 years – firstly due to the photographic evidence on my phone and secondly I know that the beautiful Angie – Lemon De Sucrette started hers at the same time. She inspired me. You should really stop by her instagram account. I love seeing her colourful creations.


The knitted mitred square is not a difficult make. Well there is simplicity in every stitch being a knitted stitch, but then the complexity is in the even decreasing to make the square and then the picking up stitches to start a new square.

There are plenty of tutorials online – if you are looking for a blog have a look here at the Knitted Squirrel or on Youtube why not look here.


The beautiful thing about the mitred square blanket is that it gradually grows. It has a habit which is perhaps most aligned to a crochet blanket project. The more you work, the more you have a gorgeous snuggly project to cover your knees.

If you look at Angie’s project she created a striped mitred square which is really gorgeous. Her blanket has a chunkier finish and


I went with a plain square and my intention was to use up yarn in my stash and create a different colour combination which complimented my crocheted Vintage Granny Square Blanket but didn’t replicate it.


If you are interested to know what the yarn is – I am using the squiggy Stylecraft Special DK and have chosed, Duck Egg, Cream, Matador, Pistachio and Fondant. I used 4mm short circular needles and this seemed particularly helpful as you appear to knit round the corner. You can have a look at my previous blog post here.

When do you know to call it a day….? I am not sure but in November I decided that this Christmas I would finish. I looked at my son’s single bed and decided that it would work to have the blanket being 16 x 13 squares. That is a humongous 176 squares… oh my, oh my. No wonder I called a halt. Perhaps the strongest factor was that I had come to the end of most of the yarn. More squares would mean starting another 4 or 5 balls of yarn.


You can worry and procrastinate over the choice of edging stitch. Don’t. A purist will knit an edge for a knitted blanket… because I can I crocheted the edge – a pretty linen stitch in red and white. Very Christmassy to suit the time of year. Let’s be honest, I’m faster at crochet and I had the end it sight.


I’ve got to admit I am thrilled with the end result. So is another family member…. It was only about 5 minutes, seriously 5 minutes before his Lordship, Sir Stanley Cat christened this finished beauty. For the purposes of photographs I laid the blanket on the spare bed – he jumped on. He is always invested in woolly pursuits. A few weeks on, the blanker remains in situ.

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