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emma-varnam-penguin-debbie-bliss I love to create ‘cute’. I think what I really like is the idea of making a toy that will inspire a cuddle. If you have followed this blog for a while or indeed read any interviews I have done, you will know that most of my ideas stem from knowing and loving real people.

Firstly I love Debbie Bliss, my gorgeous inspirational friend. When we meet up (too rarely), we conspire to create new designs together. One of my most joyful experiences is being able to make and create under her design label.

emma-varnam-panda-debbie-blissThis spring I have four toy designs published in leaflet form, two use Rialto 4ply and two use Rialto DK.

You know Perry Penguin is inspired by Little B, what he does not know about Penguins is not worth thinking about. The figure largely in our family life. Perry is a baby penguin with chubby cuteness. My only hope is that when he returns from his travels across the world, touring the knitting shows, he will make his way back home to the open arms of my boy.

Panda Love

The new Panda design is inspired by my sister. She always loved pandas and had a rather special monochrome bear which still exists today. This panda is made with the finer Rialto 4ply which makes the crochet dense and very durable. I like using Debbie’s yarns for toys because they have a soft quality which makes them more huggable and they are not very susceptible to splitting.

emma-varnam-dino-debbie-blissDino Danger

The little green Dino was made with my newphew in mind. He loves his dinosaurs and when I think of him I often remember his doing a rather impressive ‘GRRRRR’. Well this dino, has a cheeky smile and really is quite friendly.

emma-varnam-simon-bear-debbie-blissSimon Bear

Finally there is Simon Bear. A much larger toy than I usually make and with much bigger paws and feet.  He has a Debbie inspired Jumper. He would make a great companion for a larger child and has a very friendly face.

All of these patterns are published as single leaf leaflets and they are available from  yarn shops and online stockists. Please tell me what you think and if you have new ideas for new toys you would like to see, I am always open to suggestions.




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