Notes to a Novice Knotter – a crochet letter. Thinking about it…

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So you want to learn to crochet, really learn? You are intent upon it? What made you think about it? Was it something you saw in a magazine or Pinterest? Oh, maybe you want to de-stress, find another hobby, something to take your mind off things. Well you are right, crochet is marvelously relaxing. Can you knit? Do you knit quite a bit already? Don’t get me wrong – it is in no-way a prerequisite – but it just gives me an idea of where we are starting…

I think it might be worth mentioning a few things before we start. You should know that if you get the bug, really love it, then your home, your evenings, your weekends, even your holidays will never be the same. Sorry.

You will have more yarn in your house than you will ever use to create the projects you want to make. The more you create, the bigger your yarn collection will grow. You will start to make excuses for why you need to buy more yarn, you may even sneak it into the house and hide it. Your piles of magazines and books will grow. Friends and family will yearn for the days when you bought them presents with cold hard cash, instead of fashioning them something rather spendid from a skein of yarn and a few strategically placed knots.

Sorry, do I sound like I ‘m trying to put you off – not a bit of it – but it does help to have a little honesty amongst friends.

Soon you will start dreaming of yarn. Indeed the next project, the next conquest will already by queuing in your head. What am I saying? At this stage you will probably have an on-line list of of things you would like to make. Baskets and project bags will start to multiply around your favourite places to sit.  You won’t just be working on a blanket, or a scarf, but have 3 or 4 projects on the go. Does this seem hard to believe?

You will leave the house for a social occasion and glance longingly at your current project. You will wonder would it be acceptable to take it with you. If it is a formal dinner party, a theatre or music production, then no – no it is not. But soon your friends will acclimatise to your hobby and it will be perfectly fine to sit and crochet while you natter away in a coffee shop. The key signifier is – can I crochet in a relaxed manner without halting conversation with – ‘Shhhhh, I’m counting!’ It is easy to lose friends that way.

Eventually you will take you crochet everywhere…just in case. You will get braver about your public displays of crochet, because the love and joy of your craft will overcome any embarrassment you might have felt and you will be entertained by the willful staring of strangers.

Any long journey will now seem like a fruitful opportunity to spend quality time with the hook and yarn, and during the worst of times, you will feel consoled, comforted and distracted by the quiet and soothing movement as each row builds. In the waiting rooms, on the corridors where fear and impatience reside, you will feel calm and happy in the knowledge that at least something good can come of the endless anticipation and worry.

Crochet might change you. Once you might have made difficult decisions about what shoes to pack for your holiday. Now you will think nothing of slinging shoes out of your case. Your biggest dilemma will be how much yarn will you use on your break and what can you leave behind in order to make more space for yet another project.

Will this new hobby be just a passing fad? I often wonder about this. I wonder if fashion will change and much like the crafters of the 1970’s and 80’s we will move on, away from the joy of making. Really? When there are so many cute projects to make and at a time when so much of our lives are virtual? You see, whatever the craft you enjoy, indeed whatever creativity you pursue, there is something so very vital about having a thought and making it real with our hands. So should you learn to crochet? Yes, let’s enjoy the adventure together.

‘Notes to a Novice Knotter’ is a series of short essays about beginning to crochet – they are intended to be a bit of fun and not crochet law – feel free to get involved in the conversation via the comments.

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