Oh so slow – my first love, knitting

01/09/2017 · 3 comments

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I have this little plan in my head. But oh my goodness my progress is slow. In recent months I have not been able to share with you the projects I am working on. Due to the release dates and embargos, most of my designs appear months later. I am lucky if I have remembered to take a photo. Once I have finished my current commission, I am taking a little break from designing. I feel the need to just make.

So I have a plan. I want to make a ‘Granny Square’ jacket for the winter. Oh my, could be terrible, could be fantastic. I realise that people may very well cross the street to avoid me, but we will see. When I started to work on the project I began with the sleeves. I occurred to me that I could tone down the shouty nature of the granny square by making the sleeves in just one colour.

Initially I swatched the design in crochet, but realised that this would NOT do. I knew immediately they would lack drape. So I have returned to my beloved knitting needles. So far so good. I chose the classic double moss stitch. So chic. This stitch is much beloved of classic British knitwear designers; Debbie Bliss and Kim Hargreaves. The double moss stitch is also a staple stitch for aran jumpers. But oh my friends, it is slow. Achingly slow. Each stitch alternates between a knit and purl stitch. The yarn is worked backwards and forwards. Slowly the knitted fabric grows.


So why do I persist? Mostly because I have learnt that to make an heirloom project it is worth putting in the effort. Every large project which requires time and effort is an act of faith. Will you like it? Will you actually wear it? Who knows, but that is the risk. In fact you know that risk everytime you gift a handmade project to a friend. Either your work will be a treasured jewel or quickly discarded on to the re-gift pile. But not this cardigan. This is my own little yarn adventure. I am not taking notes. I am just making. The base colour is the fabulous ‘Pillar Box Red’ Stylecraft Life DK. This is a new colour this season and I was immediately drawn to it.

I am on the second sleeve now… thank goodness. You may wonder why I started with the sleeves. Mostly in a veiled attempt at self-discipline. If I finish the sleeves I will whip along with the squares. I can’t wait and I’ll share the journey with you. This cardigan/jacket could be a wardrobe staple, could be a disaster. We will see.

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