Ohh Mollie Makes you are spoiling us

30/11/2012 · 2 comments

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For a magazine addict the Christmas magazine season is just too exciting. So many tempting issues, so little time. I almost don’t know which way to turn. The December issue of Mollie Makes is particularly good. The fabulous owl mittens by Tanya Antonova are going to be a design classic – expect to see many this Christmas and put requests in for a pair yourself from any of your knitterly friends. The oh-so-cute Christmas Crochet decorations by Meredith Crawford could easily become heirloom treasures. I love her work.

An added bonus is the free calender which was styled by Selina Lake. It is so beautiful that I might have been tempted to buy it in the shops had it been sold separately. (But glad it is not). I am not sure now how calender makers make money, there are so many great free ones available in interior magazines. Basically with Mollie Makes, the magazine, the book, and the I-Pad version Gathered, Jane Toft the Editor is doing a ‘fierce’ job.

Anyway if you get a chance do have a look at the Mollie Makes Christmas book. I think it is great fun. The projects are really pretty and not that complicated.

I have a couple of favourites which I would like to do. In general I really like the layout of the book. It has the collaborative feel of the magazine, set against the retro Christmas design fabric. So charming and it will get you in the festive homemade mood. Bring on the mulled wine and the jingle bells!

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