Fashion Fast – February Update

11/03/2018 · 1 comment

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So I have survived two months now. Not buying new clothes. No compulsive quick fix. I have avoided the sneaky supermarket purchase. I have not even made an absent minded online purchase. If I am honest, I am rather surprised. Seriously. You might have thought that basic boredom might have got the better of me.

Like I mentioned before, I do know these first winter months are going to be the easiest. Black and navy, the base colours of my everyday outfits are very much in use. When the weather and the days brighten and new colours start appearing in the shops, the struggle will be real.

Every month I learn something new. This month it has been the joy of clothes with a purpose. The Februray half term is a week we love to go away as a family and do some serious walking in the Lake District. I love this week, it is a marker in our calender that I look forward to. It is a time to be outdoors as a family and look at the big, wide vistas.


Nice Packing

I also don’t mind packing for this holiday. It is so simple. We need nothing glamourous – just basic practical outdoor clothes. Whether I wear cheap t-shirts or even my more expensive technical gear I have finally learnt to buy just one colour. Black is the name of the game and colour and fun is added in the accessories. This means everything is interchangeable and I can go proper crazy with the hat and scarf making. The simplicity of the choice is gradually demonstrating to me the benefit of a capsule wardrobe. Finally this has been achieved in my outdoor activity clothes. However I now wonder if this might now filter through as a principal to the rest of the wardrobe throughout this year.

With Spring/Summer catalogues popping through the door, the temptation is rising. By the end of March we will be one quarter of the way through the year. No-one will be more surprised than me if I stick to my resolution by the end of this month.


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