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14/02/2013 · 4 comments

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Hello Lovelies, this week I spent a very happy evening teaching two dear friends of mine to crochet. We had some fun. Once we got past the basics and were practising double crochet – conversation turned to other yarn subjects. We started talking about making pom poms and how therapeutic the winding of wool can be. One of my friends said that they loved the satisfaction of cutting the cardboard ring at the end of the process. I piped up ‘Oh I don’t do that now, I have a pom pom maker!’ Some hysterical laughter ensued – taken out of context that is a ridiculous sentence. But in all seriousness, with the number of pom poms I make in a year, I wouldn’t do without it.  I tried to explain how brilliant this new system was – but it was quite difficult. Now there are several different companies who sell versions of this – some are more swish than mine, but I have a range of four sizes in this pack, which is perfect. So here is the explanatihon in photo form.  What I would really like to do is make a garland of Pom poms – I might do just to empty my shameful stash

Genius – and much quicker…but I am afraid no satisfying cutting of the cardboard ring, sorry Mrs H.

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