Romance is…

09/02/2011 · 1 comment

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….someone indulging your passion/obesssion. I think some of the most loveliest things B Big has done for me is doing a mundane chore which I know he will really hate doing. The other day we put time aside to try and clear me some space in the study, a little workspace that I can colonise. There was much to sort out and it was a BIG job but committing this time seemed so very special and it will ultimately make me a little corner for me to work in. I don’t feel ready to share any photos yet, the job is ‘way off’ being finished.

However the little cactus above is part of the plan. It was bought for me on my tenth wedding anniversary with my little desk in mind. How lovely is it? Have a look at the lovely website of the really talented lady who made it. &made. The great thing about this little house plant is; I can’t possibly kill it!

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